NBI Clearance Online Status 2021

What is NBI Clearance?

Are you also looking for the NBI clearance Online and don’t know how to do, then you will get the proper details from here. You will not face the old manual steps for this, now you have to wait for your turn in long queue lines and do not waste time. And with the simple and easy steps you can do NBI clearance.

NBI Clearance Registration

NBI Clearance Registration

NBI clearance is a type of government certificate which is meant to release one on a request basis. This testimonial ensures that you are not involved in any kind of criminal law. It is accepted as a legitimate ID of the Philippines else you can see also NBI clearance requirements.

Moreover, it is known that other legitimate identities may also be used. NBI clearance is a great way to know whether a criminal case has been filed in the Philippine court. Its advantage is not limited to a specific area, which is coverage of police clearance but it has brought the entire Philippines together.

It is publicly advised that on March 12, 2018, the NBI documentary stamp tax is said to be considered for charging a clearance certificate fee (Php130.00) for a clearance certificate from the original Hundred Fifty Piece (Php115.00). Is. DST) in combination with the rate coordinates.

This is one of the Republic, according to which no. 10963, otherwise, “Tax Reform for Accession and Insulation (Train) Law” and Revenue Regulation No. 4 2018 It is said to be issued by the Internal Revenue Bureau (BIR). That’s why all care must be taken in the field.

What is NBI Clearance?

This is a Philippine police clearance issued by a National Bureau of Investigation. After its application, the Consulate provides fingerprint cards. Consulate is authorized to take fingerprint impressions by NBI. First, there was only one way to apply for clearance, but now it has become online too. Our government has made its applicants more efficient by implementing the NBI clearance online application process. Also you can check Philippines Passport requirements 2021 online at website.

How to Register an Account with NBI Clearance Online?

Here you will get some simple steps that you help you to register NBI Clearance online Applications.

  1. First of all, you have to visit the official website at nbi-clearance.com.
  2. If you don’t have account in NBI Clearance then click on the “register” option that you will see in the right side of your screen. Please click on there to confirm that you have a NBI Clearance account or not.
  3. After clicking there, click on “NO” option from the box.
  4. Now your screen will display a form where you have to put your personal and important details, such as name, gender, civil status, Date of birth, email address and the password.
  5. After filling all the correct details, you have to click on the option “I ACCEPT TERM & CONDITION”.
  6. Now, you will also get the message again and now you have to click on I Agree button.
  7. Login to your NBI Clearance online account by filling you email address and the correct password and click on sign in option.
  8. After completing the process, your NBI Clearance account will be displayed on your screen and you have successfully registered to your account.

Fill up and Submit your NBI Clearance Online Application Form

  1. You need to fill up your NBI clearance online application form with all the necessary details.
  2. Other information like your contact details, family background and academic achievement, business, religion, height, weight, premises and your identification mark, if applicable, fill in your form.
  3. After filling all the details, you will be directed to its page, and you can check each item twice for all the errors you see in your recorded information.
  4. Now after checking all the details click on “Save Information” button in the displayed.
  5. Now in the upper right corner of the screen, click on the button called “Edit Info” and you will come back to the NBI Clearance applicant’s information page where you can edit the wrong information.
  6. Now the appointment system will be scheduled with the NBI Clearance.

Objective of NBI Clearance

Our main objective of this article is NBI Clearance. Learn more NBI Clearance online. NBI is about to explain why it has been formed. And learn about its main tasks.

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) is a line agency under the judiciary. It acts as an investigative organization in the government. The agency director makes an appointment to the President and the secretary and the joint secretary together with the Secretary (SOG) are working under the belief and confidence.

And they do it very honestly. It Formed on November 13, 1936. Jurisdiction is Government of the Philippines.

5 Secret of Successful NBI Clearance & How to Apply:

  • Registration of Online.
  • Clearance Online Appointment.
  • Must payment of NBI Clearance Fee.
  • Capturing Image & Biometrics Process.
  • NBI Issuance Clearance.

NBI Clearance Renewal:

NBI Clearing is the online renewal of an NBI service that allows individuals who have an old NBI clearance to easily renew it online. It is again another complimentary NBI online service that makes processing of NBI clearances and quick release. As a result, both of the People time and sufferings decreased.

NBI Clearance

NBI Clearance Fees

Here we described fees for the NBI clearance abroad as well as local.

NBI Clearance for Abroad Purposes
For Deportation115.00
Immigration Requirement115.00
Passport Renewal115.00
School Visa115.00
Self Deportation115.00
Travel Abroad115.00
Travel Africa115.00
Travel Asia115.00
Travel Australia115.00
Travel Canada115.00
Travel Central America115.00
Travel Diego Garcia115.00
Travel Dubai115.00
Travel Europe115.00
Travel Hong Kong115.00
Travel Libya115.00
Travel Micronesia115.00
Travel Middle East115.00
Travel New Zealand115.00
Travel North America115.00
Travel Palau115.00
Travel Papua New Guinea115.00
Travel Qatar115.00
Travel Saipan115.00
Travel Singapore115.00
Travel South America115.00
Travel Taiwan115.00
Travel USA115.00
VISA Australia115.00
VISA Canada115.00
VISA China115.00
VISA New Zealand115.00
VISA Seaman115.00
VISA Seawoman115.00
VISA USA115.00
NBI Clearance for Local Purposes
ACR Requirement415.00
BID Requirement115.00
Business Requirement165.00
CA Requirement115.00
Cancellation of ACR415.00
Change of Gender115.00
Change of Name165.00
Correction of Birthdate115.00
DOT Requirement115.00
Enlistment AFP115.00
Enlistment PNP115.00
Firearms License165.00
For Probation115.00
For Promotion115.00
ID Purposes115.00
Lateral Entry115.00
Local Employment115.00
LTO Requirement115.00
Marriage Requirement115.00
NFA Requirement165.00
NSO Requirement115.00
NTC Requirement165.00
Other Requirement115.00
Permit to Carry Firearms165.00
PNP Requirement115.00
POEA Requirement165.00
PRA Requirement165.00
PRC Requirement115.00
Seaman’s Book115.00
Sea woman’s Book115.00
SEC Requirement165.00
Special Investor Residence Visa165.00
SSS Requirement415.00
Student VISA415.00

Finally, the NBI clearance system, as a solution, thinks that people will be stopped in line for their clearance. But not I simply firsthand their service experience, and came to gushing in a torrent of my frustration and despair.

And all of you have understood in this paragraph about how or what tips you can use to clear successful NBI. It is our perseverance to give a good explanation about NBI clearance. So, follow our website. Being able to know or inform you is our worth and inspiration. Hope you will be inspired.

Note: This is not the official website for NBI Clearance so, don’t share your personal details such as address proof, email id, password and other. If you have any query, then come in comment section below.


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