NBI Clearance Payment 2022 Online

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Online NBI Clearance Payment

After successfully fill up NBI Clearance Application Form, you are looking for further steps of NBI. After fill up the form next step is NBI Clearance Payment. So, are you looking for same then don’t go anywhere because from this page you will get each and every details about various Payment options for NBI Clearance.

NBI Clearance Payment

NBI Clearance Payment

By reading the below given detail one can get idea about how can we pay for NBI Clearance using different methods and Online NBI clearance renewal process? So, let’s have a look and don’t miss any information from our article.

What is NBI Clearance???

NBI Clearance is one type of Government certificate which means that the certificate holder is not involved in any kind of criminal law. For that one must submit their valid ID of the Philippines. NBI Clearance certificate is very good way to know that weather any criminal case has filed in the Philippines court or not against you.

What we Require for NBI Clearance? Or Requirement for NBI Clearance:

We require one of the below given ID with entry into NBI Clearance outlet. So, you must keep one of the below given IDs with you at the time of NBI Clearance.

  • Voter ID
  • Previous copy of NBI Clearance
  • Valid Passport
  • Senior citizen
  • Driver’s License
  • Alien Certificate of Registration
  • PRC License
  • Birth Certificate
  • SSS Id
  • Philhealth ID
  • TIN ID
  • Post ID
  • School ID

Other requirement of NBI Clearance:

  • Clean Face: During the process one must have clean face. During NBI clearance Process you will be taken bio metrics that will take your photo as well as fingerprint scanning.So, keep you face clean at the time of NBI Process.
  • Application Fee: After fill up the application form one has to pay their fee of NBI Clearance. The NBI clearance payment or fee is very for all. It may between 115 P to 415 P.
  • Ball Pen: One must carry Black Ball pen with him/her. Make sure that you are not wanted criminal. You can also keep your original as well as your zerox copy of your document for NBI Clearance.

How to Fill up NBI Clearance Application Online???

  • For fill up the application form one must visit official site of NBI.
  • After that click on register button and select no option if you don’t have an Old NBI Clearance.
  • Now fill up all necessary details and click on submit button.
  • Then do login with your username and password.
  • After login one from will be open. Enter all the details in given textbox and click on submit button.
  • Now if you want to edit information then click on edit button or if you want Apply for Clearance then click on that button.
  • Then follow all the steps and select your Bank Branch and timings for NBI Clearance Appointment.
  • Final step of NBI Clearance is complete with payment options.

NBI Clearance Payment:

You can pay your NBI Clearance Fee via below given options. You can select one of them for your payment.

  • Bank over the Counter
  • Online Banking
  • Mobile Payment
  • Bayad Center
  • MultiPay
  • ECPay
  • 7-Eleven

Bank over the Counter:

In this payment method you can pay your NBI Clearance Fees at banks like, BDO, Metro bank and BPI. Service charges will be charged for payment and it varies from one to other. BDO charge 25P extra and BPI charge 50P extra.

Online Bank Payment:

Candidates also pay their NBI clearance payment via online banking. Banks like, BDO internet banking, China bank Online, BPI Express, RCBC Access one, UCPB Connect, Metrobank Direct and Union bank EON provide this service. All of these bank charge service fee and it may varies from bank to bank generally in between 40P to 100P.

Mobile Payment:

Candidates can pay their NBI Clearance Fee via Mobile by using GCASH. This transaction also chargeable like other payment method.

NBI Clearance Payment Bayad Centers:

One can pay their NBI Clearance Fee via Bayad outlets as well as their associates. Just like other payment media this service is also chargeable.

NBI Clearance Fess:

NBI Clearance Application Fees for Abroad Purposes:

Purposes Fees ( in P)















For Deportation
VISA Seawoman
Immigration Requirement
VISA Seaman
Passport Renewal
VISA New Zealand
School Visa
VISA China
Self Deportation
VISA Canada
Travel Abroad
VISA Australia
Travel Africa
Travel USA
Travel Asia
Travel South America
Travel  Australia
Travel Singapore
Travel Canada
Travel Saipan
Travel  Central America
Travel Qatar
Travel Diego Garcia
Travel Papua New Guinea
Travel Dubai
Travel Palau
Travel Europe
Travel North America
Travel Hong Kong
Travel New Zealand
Travel Libya
Travel Middle East
Travel Micronesia

NBI Clearance Application Fees for Local Purposes:

Purpose Fees (in P)
ACR Requirement  



Student VISA
Cancellation of ACR
SSA Requirement






Business Requirement
Change of Name
Firearms License
NFA Requirement
NTC Requirement
Permit to Carry Firearms
POEA Requirement
PRA Requirement
SEC Requirement
Special Investor Residence Visa
BID Requirement  











CA Requirement
Change of Gender
Correction of Birthday
DOT Requirement
Enlistment PNP
Enlistment AFP
For Probation
For Promotion
ID Purpose
Lateral Entry
Local Employment
MTO Requirement
Marriage Requirement
NSO Requirement
Other Requirement
PNP Requirement
PRC Requirement
Seaman’s Book
Sea Woman’s Book

Step by Step Process For NBI Clearance Payment:

  • For successfully payment first step is compete fill up application form.
  • After that select one of above seven methods for payment.
  • Then read the instructions and click on proceed button.
  • Now click on Proceed to Payment button.
  • After that select one bank from drop down and click on close button.

Note: After successfully pay your NBI Clearance Fee in Bank doesn’t forget deposit slip. After that go to official website and do login. After that go to transaction option and check for your NBI clearance payment status weather it is paid or pending. At last you should print your application form.

Thanks for reading NBI Clearance Payment article. I hope you will get useful details about the NBI Clearance. If you have any doubt then you can also comment in below given comment box. More details about NBI Clearance visit our site www.nbiclearance.online for latest updates.

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