NBI Clearance Requirements 2022 For All

December 29, 2021 14 By NBI

NBI Clearance Requirements Philippines

There are some NBI clearance requirements without which you can not apply for your NBI. Some can easily be obtained by visiting your local municipality. Before going to the NBI clearance outlet (National Bureau Investigation ), you need to prepare a lot in order to complete your all-important assessment document and process. The more you are ready the better the better.

NBI clearance requirements

Requirement For NBI Clearance 2022

Valid ID With the entry into the NBI clearance outlet, you must keep some of the relevant documents ready for apply NBI clearance 2022 which the details are given below.

  • Valid passport
  • Voter id
  • Driver’s license
  • PRC license
  • SSS id
  • Post id
  • School id
  • TIN ID
  • Philhealth ID
  • Birth certificate
  • Alien certificate of registration
  • Senior citizen
  • Previous copy of NBI clearance


  • NBI Clearance Application Fee 2022 – You need funds for application fee of NBI clearance. You have to pay fees to apply. Its charges are based on NBI clearance application objectives from P115 to P415, so do not forget to bring cash with you.
  • Ball pen: Prepare your own black colored ball pen, make sure that you are not a wanted criminal, to get the original and photocopied version of your documents for NBI verification.
  • Clean face: During the process, you will be taken bio metrics that will need to take pictures and fingerprint scanning. So keep your face clean and clear so that your face looks clean in the camera.

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Required Documents For Apply NBI Clearance

There are some required documents for apply NBI clearance. So here we shared some information for that read carefully:

  • Valid Philippine Passport – Can set online appointment through official website. For this you also choose your favorite date and time and the place where you are planning to apply for a passport.
  • Voter Identity – It is difficult to collect this document, for that you have to be a registered voter in your municipality where you are living first.
  • Driver’s license – It is received through the Land Transport Office and its demand is also the most demanded because (a) it is a requirement for driving (clearly) and (two), also for application It’s easy to do.
  • SSS ID – It is issued by the Social Security System and for this you have to go to the nearest SSS branch and fill out one application form, you have to take photograph and submit it. Remember it is available for free.
  • GSIS UMID – This is applicable only for government employees who are members of GSI and it has been issued by Government Service Insurance System ·
  • Postal ID – can be obtained through local post office.
  • TIN ID – TIN No ID is issued by Internal Revenue Bureau.
  • Birth Certificate – It is received through the NSO or NSO Partners website.
  • PRC License – This License was issued by the Professional Regulatory Commission after passing the necessary board exams.
  • School ID – If an applicant is still studying, then he can get this ID from school.
  • Philhealth ID – Issued by Philhealth.
  • Foreign Certificate of Registration – can be obtained in Immigration Bureau.
  • Senior Citizen – Visit your municipal office to collect this document.

In this article we shared list of required documents for NBI clearance or you can say NBI clearance requirements 2022 also. Check more information regarding NBI clearance like renewal fees, etc.